When Is It Time To Call A Plumber

When Is It Time To Call A Plumber

With the advent of home improvement shows and online videos, many homeowners feel that
they have the knowledge or can acquire the knowledge by watching a how-to video. This may be
fine for a stopped sink or toilet, however, for more advanced issues it can cost you more than had
you contacted a plumber in the first place. Does your plumbing job require a permit? Do you
have the correct tools? Will it void your homeowner’s insurance? If your DIY repair results in a
flooded kitchen or other damage most insurance companies will not pay for the
repair/replacement. We have listed some issues that require a plumber and are not DIY projects.
1. When There Is Low Water Pressure In The House:

There are a number of reasons that your home is experiencing low water pressure. Obstructions
by rust or debris in the water lines could be low pressure from the city supply or well. It can even
be a result of the original supply line was poorly designed. A good plumber will be able to
analyze the problem and determine what the cause is. 

2. When There Is No Hot Water:

If you check your hot water tank and it is not leaking, it can be challenging to find out what the
cause is. It is also determined if the tank is electric or gas:

Electric Heaters: Broken heating element, blown circuit breakers, faulty thermostats or a
bad overload switch. 

Gas Heaters: Thermocouple burners and igniters

3. When You Need To Replace Your Water Heater: 

This is not a job for a homeowner. Keep in mind that your plumber will carry the new one to the
basement, hook it up, make sure that it works properly, dispose of the old one and will know if
you will require any permits to do so 

4. When You Have A Stopped Up Sewer Line:

 If you cannot get your sewer line to stop backing up, there is a good chance that there is a bad
plugin the line that leads to the main sewer. One of the more common causes for a stopped sewer
is tree roots. Without the proper tools, you cannot determine if the stoppage is in the drain or
sewer lines. 

5. When Your Pipes Are Frozen:
When an unexpected cold front hits, there is a chance your pipes can freeze. Check to see if the
pipe has already burst or is cracked. Then call your plumber. Contrary to the internet, using a
hairdryer to thaw the pipe is not a good idea. In many cases, the plumber will have to replace the
section of the pipe to prevent further issues. 

6. When You Have Extensive Water Line Damage:

Repairing water line damage, which is often the result of freezing, is not a weekend project, It
can take up a lot of time. You are better off saving yourself the time, work and stress by hiring a

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