Plumbing trends 2022

Plumbing trends 2022

The housing market saw huge appreciation because few available condos or houses on the market. Demand still outweighs supply in many areas, but this has changed since 2020, when housing inventory was higher than average.

Plumbing Trends: Staying up-to-date on plumbing trends can help you be prepared for any changes in bathroom/kitchen designs. Plumbers need to get involved with these projects by understanding users' needs. Plumbing companies must be ready to meet the needs of customers. This includes understanding trends and providing a service that meets those needs.

Here are five trends to know in 2022:

Baby boomer interest in aging-in-place design

Baby boomers are people who were born during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Their age ranges from 58-to 76 years old now. Boomers are getting older but want to continue living in their homes for longer. Boomers are trying to ensure access to the bathroom and kitchen when they need to use them. Older people want to be independent and not rely on others to help them get around. Boomers think about what needs to happen when someone wants to go to the bathroom or kitchen. For example, there should be grab bars for people using the toilet and easy to reach. Baby boomers are renovating their houses because they know having these features in their houses will allow them to be more independent.

Linear drains are currently used mostly to connect two rooms. Inexpensive grab bars are now made to be installed along walls in bathrooms. Shower enclosures with built-in seats and mirrors are designed with less depth than before. Curbless doorways allow for wider entrances and increased flexibility in using the space. Tiles are growing larger and using more variety of colors and textures.

Remodeling to create a "forever home."

Homeowners of all ages seek to make their current homes forever homes. They want to turn their houses into places where they can stay longer. People also want to do renovation projects themselves due to COVID-19 restrictions. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are becoming increasingly popular because people are investing more money into renovating their houses. Remodeling includes features such as free-standing tubs and heated floors. People love having multiple bathroom improvements, like low-carb showers and multiple showerheads.

Creating a spa-like atmosphere

Homeowners are finding new ways to care for themselves while stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. These amenities include steam showers, deep soaking tubs, and voice-activated voice-operated smart devices. Bathroom amenities have become very popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. People are looking for products that help them relax and feel better. Steam showers, hot tubs, deep soaking tubs, and voice-activated devices have been added to bathrooms for relaxation purposes. Hygiene concerns are more common than ever because people stay inside more often due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Cleanliness is also important because there are fewer places to go outside.

Time-efficient products to help keep up with demand

Plumbing experts agree that there will be problems finding enough skilled workers to meet growing demands for plumbing services. The need for faster, better ways to fix leaks could lead consumers to choose products that make life easier. With the Dearborn True Blue Kit, bath waste removal is quick and easy. This kit comes complete with everything you need to install your bathroom. Product availability is guaranteed instead of other manufacturers who might sell out quickly. This kit saves both time and money. Also, this kit features a strong value proposition.

New technologies and macro trends

Macro trends include global warming, water quality, and smart-home technology.

Sustainability: Sustainable building practices have long been focused on by environmentalists. Recent shifts in the global conversation about sustainability have caused a new wave of interest among homeowners and business owners alike. These changes have sparked a desire to adopt sustainable options throughout the house. Shower pans are made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. This technology saves over 1 million pounds of waste every year! Bamboo matting adds another layer of sustainability while reducing up to 50% water usage.

Water quality: Smart devices that monitor water use provide consumers with information about how much water they use and where it comes from. Companies develop smart products designed to help people conserve water.

Smart home: Bathroom remodelers embrace technological advancements to give consumers better products. Technology allows us to see our water usage and connect to our homes' systems. We can use a smartphone to check on our toilets, and we can use thermostats and other technologies to adjust the settings.