How To Fix Low Water Pressure

How To Fix Low Water Pressure

No force, as water slowly trickles out of your faucet or shower. To put it simply and succinctly: don’t you hate when that happens. When this problem surfaces, usually low water pressure could be the problem. The good news is that it’s not the end of the world, but it will take you or your trusted Plumber (Liberty Plumbing and Solar) to figure out the problem of low water pressure. If the problem is over your head, though is when you usually call a plumber!

Low water pressure after all requires a lot of troubleshooting, exploration of the different causes that may be too time consuming. Just to name a few things here as to the cause of the low water pressure: a water leak, home valves, mineral deposit build up, or even pressure regulators.

Have you ever identified a pressure regulator? They kind of look like a bell. Usually found in the front of the home. We advise that a professional plumber look at your pressure regulator. We can either fix it on the spot, or have the whole thing replaced if need be. Unfortunately, a lot of people try to fix the problem themselves, but just make the problem worse.

It can sometimes be simple: a valve could have moved just a little from its original position. You could look for the main water valve in your home. Once located, you could check to see that it is 100% open so that you can see if that’s indeed the problem. If you adjust the valve and everything works fine, then you’ve figured out the culprit. More exploration is required if the problem has not been solved.

Assess to see if the problem is mineral deposit build-up. If indeed your pipes are clogged, that could be the cause of your problem: low water pressure. What can be easy and simple is to clean all the fausets and shower nozzels in your house. If it fails to solve the problem, but in your mind, you still think it’s mineral build up, at this point you might want to consider calling a professional plumber.

In the end, after a fast assessment, you may conclude that hiring us would help in solving your water problem. Professional plumbers will be able to troubleshoot and fix your low water pressure. If not done correctly, trying to save money might cost you more in the end.